WebMax Launches New Product: Keeping Up with Mortgage Technology Trends

Turnersville, NJ- November 1, 2016: WebMax, LLC announces the launch of its newest product, LOSWare. LOSWare is a customized Encompass solution designed by originators and compliance experts to better understand individual work flow.

“People are changing as technology progresses. WebMax recognizes this change and is continuously working to improve the products and services we offer to the Mortgage and Real Estate industry,” states WebMax president, Curt Tegeler.

Encompass is the number 1 LOS system in the mortgage industry used by almost half of the mortgage lending industry. It delivers a reliable software to assist in the origination, processing, and closing of mortgage transactions.

LOSWare is a very user-friendly and straightforward tool that boost individual productivity for the loan officer. The design uses easy to read images and custom forms to simplify the encompass workflow.


WebMax, LLC is a full service software development company located in Turnersville, NJ. WebMax is the leader in mortgage and real estate internet marketing, web design, custom programming and development, and provides enterprise level mortgage solutions that integrate with multiple LOS’s, CRMs, and IDX websites for real estate agents and brokers. We offer a new and continuously improving custom mortgage marketing solution for mortgage bankers, branches, and their loan officers.


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