How Technology is Changing the Way Real Estate Lenders Do Business

How Technology is Changing the Way Real Estate Lenders Do Business

Over the past several years, Real Estate developers, builders, and brokers have been faced with rapidly changing social, demographic and technological realities. Technology has an enormous impact on how the real estate industry markets listings and upcoming developments.

Digital Presentations

Not only has technology played a huge role in business, but it has also had a big impact with presentations. Most presentations use extensive visuals, which have became the new normal. Not only is having a PowerPoint as a digital presentation easier with visuals, but it’s a faster way of getting the presenters point across by having the information displayed how the presenter wants. If a future client isn’t able to make presentations, there are other options for your audience such as Youtube, Facebook Live and Instagram Live to view the presentation. Presenters are able to record their presentations and share them online.

Technology Tools

Most companies and organizations traditionally have a website, and also CRM tools. It can be likely that the marketing and sales teams are not properly equipped to meet today’s digital display property information challenges, all of which are designed to engage clients and capture leads.

Understanding Target Needs

Not every source of technology is appropriate for customers and can provide the maximum benefit. Trafficking your target audience online takes a bit of research and effort but is well worth the time. By networking with existing groups and service organizations on Facebook or Twitter, you add strong benefits to your business.

Overall, technology is a new way of reaching clients that are not necessarily around the corner. It opens many doors and opportunities to meet potential prospects. Being able to target certain clients using technology can benefit you and your business in a more effective way.

-Zach Rosenberg
Chief Technology Officer, WebMax