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The Best Email Marketing Tools This Year

The Best Email Marketing Tools This Year May 21st, 2018   For over twenty years the use of emails have been a part of almost everyone’s daily lives.  Undoubtedly, social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are thriving more than ever.  However, many individuals don’t realize that emails remain popular in several aspects […]

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3 Important Elements for SEO Success

3 Important Elements for SEO Success February 2nd, 2018 In today’s competitive market, search engine optimization (SEO) is more essential than ever. Search engines serve millions of users per day looking for answers to their questions or solutions to their problems. Any company’s website optimization determines how it will grow, meet business objectives, connect with […]

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WebMax Intern Diary

WEBMAX INTERN DIARY FT. ABBY November 17th, 2017 My internship at WebMax started in May 2017. A typical day in the life at WebMax for myself included a number of different marketing initiatives. One of my favorite jobs included creating content for the company’s blog and social media platforms. After doing this, I’d then begin […]

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