Terms of Service

WEBSITE TERMS: The term of this website contract is from the date of execution through a twelve (12) month period. The term of this contract will automatically renew every twelve (12) months from the date of execution unless either party cancels in writing 60 days prior to the date of execution.

SERVICE FEES: Additional Professional Services as requested by the customer to be rendered on the use of WebMax products will be billed at a rate of $130 per hour and will require a separate work order. WebMax shall only bill service hours at the direction of the customer. Such requested service hours shall be itemized separately on a monthly statement. All invoiced amounts for service fees are due on the 1st of each month.

AUTHORIZED USE: Products and Services, including IDX / Broker Reciprocity data feeds, are licensed for use on one (1) URL – Uniform Resource Locator or Customer Internet Site for the purpose of distributing marketing information to the general public. WebMax products and consumer interfaces are copyrighted and licensed for single site use only. Additional license fees will apply for linked or framed-in usage of data feeds and designs. Websites and data feeds are licensed for use as designed in their entirety and are not permitted to be disassembled and re-displayed without express written approval of WebMax Communications. WebMax has the right to terminate services without notice due to non-payment or unauthorized use of Licensed product.
In signing this work order I acknowledge and agree to the WebMax Master Services Agreement that protects privacy, confidentiality and intellectual property. The Master Services Agreement can be found online at Master Service Agreement