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Benefits of Having a Custom Mortgage Website

Benefits of Having a Custom Mortgage Website

July 8th, 2019

According to the National Association of Realtors, Millenials make up 36% of the homebuyers of today. As time progresses, the number of millennials entering the housing market is only going to get higher, so why wouldn’t you direct your efforts towards that demographic? A custom mortgage website is a great way to do just that. With a custom website, you can effortlessly reach millennials instantaneously, economically, and securely. 

Safety First

Without a doubt, technology is engulfing the world we live in. With that being said, potential homebuyers are becoming increasingly conscious of where they put their personal information. With a custom mortgage website, lenders don’t have to worry about hackers breaching their systems.  In many cases, hackers have the ability to gain full access to a mortgage company’s entire site if it is not secure.  However, a custom mortgage website is built specifically for the mortgage realm, and measures are taken to ensure the security of both the borrower and lender. The professional design of a custom website appeals to homebuyers, looks trustworthy, and gives borrowers more faith when going digital.

Time is Money

Keeping up with a website by yourself will end up costing you more in money, time, and stress. There are important features like plug-ins, add-ons, and extensions that have fees to operate associated with them. Over time these fees will add up significantly. A strong web presence is a must and allowing professionals to do the dirty work allows your website to stay up to date. At that point, lenders can focus on what matters most–the homebuyer. A custom website takes the entire process out of your hands while digital mortgage providers such as WebMax handle it at ease without the headaches. Time is money, so don’t be financially irresponsible. Prevent mismanagement of time and improve profit margins while growing the top line. Reduced costs and increasing workflow efficiency with a custom mortgage website will allow a mortgage company to truly flourish.

Mobile Responsive

People have developed a much shorter attention span. Everyone has a little rectangle in their pocket that may be smarter than they are. Cell phones allow for instant communication, research, and navigation. When you want to know something, you reach in your pocket and search it; you don’t look for the nearest encyclopedia or desktop computer. Over half of all mobile traffic is done through the use of a mobile device. Most importantly, custom mortgage websites are mobile responsive and allows lenders to reach a wider range of homebuyers that practically live on their phone. Sites can shrink down, still matching the attractive layout that was originally designed while keeping the same functionality.  Therefore, custom mortgage websites are typically recommended for all successful mortgage companies.

In today’s technology driven world it is essential that your website stands out to potential homebuyers. Allowing us to get creative for your brand will result in meaningful growth in your company. We want you to be opening the front door to potential homebuyers, so let us build the frame that makes that possible. Experience success and reach out to us here.  


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