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The Best Email Marketing Tools This Year

The Best Email Marketing Tools This Year

May 21st, 2018


For over twenty years the use of emails have been a part of almost everyone’s daily lives.  Undoubtedly, social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are thriving more than ever.  However, many individuals don’t realize that emails remain popular in several aspects of life including the realm of email marketing.  According to McKinsey & Company, email marketing strategies are approximately 40% more effective than promoting on Facebook and Twitter.  In particular, email marketing in the mortgage industry is critical to success.  There are a multitude of email marketing tools at a mortgage lender’s disposal that cater to the creation, distribution, and analysis of the emails used throughout the marketing campaign.


Mailchimp is a very useful and well-known email marketing tool that integrates popular apps and services such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, Salesforce, and SurveyMonkey.  It is a marketing automation platform that helps you share email and ad campaigns with clients, customers, and other prospects. The web-based software enables you to design marketing or informational email messages, build and organize lists of recipient email addresses, send your finished email messages to the recipient list, and finally review the data regarding the emails you sent.  The review includes analytics such as the number of people who opened the email. This allows the user to see how well they are interacting with and reaching their audience with ideas for improvement.


HubSpot Marketing is one of the very best email marketing tools to date.  It enables the user to format, and also publish content while easily integrating profiles and information.  It evaluates these contacts based on demographics and behavior, and packs all important data in easy to read visuals. One of the greatest functions is the user’s ability to create both static and dynamic HTML messages while customizing them to their audiences’ behavior factors.  This would then provide the response the user was looking for directed at each individual. HubSpot not only focuses on email marketing, but also tracks social media activity, providing intelligence on potential leads.  The users have the ability to work with modern SEO tools, ensuring they’re always a step ahead of their competitors. HubSpot has a vast variety of functions and is used by over 44,500 people in over 90 countries.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is another email marketing tool that allows the user to send relevant messages to the most promising prospects who are most likely to convert.  It is easy to use and is customizable to each brand.  It takes almost no time at all to customize an email, and there are even templates predesigned and ready to be used. Campaign Monitor also offers interactive analytics that provides insights on how your emails are performing in real time.  Interestingly, the user can use the site to share and promote their posts on social media platforms.

With hundreds of great email marketing tools, these are three of the most used and talked about platforms.  Email marketing is a large part of the mortgage industry and drives a large part of their revenue. Although email seems to be fading in some areas, it’s imperative to remember its importance in terms of marketing.

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