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Boost Your Real Estate Business With the 3 ‘Cs’ of Marketing


June 20th, 2017

Marketing your product is a great chance to get your name and brand out there for people to see. By marketing yourself on a steady basis, you are building your client portal. To ensure guaranteed success, try implementing these three C’s in your next .

1. Consistency

It’s important to start with a marketing plan. Have an idea of how you are going to market yourself and be as detailed as possible. Digital media, social media, content, and direct mail are all very important in the marketing world. To budget, certainly decide which is more necessary to invest in. For example, if you decide to send a postcard every month, make sure you are sending them out every month. Have a set reminder or pay for the full year of sending those postcards out so you don’t forget.

2. Creativity

Creativity doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be more creative than the competition. If you are sending out the same cards and same emails as competitors, you can’t expect to get a better outcome.

By reaching out to the future or current clients, it’s important to connect yourself in a much deeper way.  There are unlimited ways to strategies a new prospects. Real Estate Marketing is a lot of the same, but there are new ways to produce it to clients.

3. Commitment

In order to make yourself and your business successful, you must commit. By having a good understanding of who you are targeting and who the buyers’ or sellers’ are. Being committed to a customer and clients really helps move the process of selling an also builds long-time relationships for more opportunities with customers. 

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