5 Drawbacks of Not Having A Custom Mortgage Website

5 Drawbacks of Not Having A Custom Mortgage Website

July 10th, 2018

The worst thing you could possibly do is use the same website layout that every other mortgage professional is using. Hell, you might even have the same website template a pizza shop is using. Potential homebuyers want new, refreshing sites to explore. They shouldn’t be stuck looking through the same old setup on every mortgage website that they visit. A custom mortgage website is the right way to go if you want to ensure that homebuyers are going to choose you.

Security Issues

WordPress is a commonly used website-building platform for businesses. A concern of yours should be that WordPress sites have security issues. You should never sacrifice security when handling someone’s personal information and finances. This makes a custom mortgage website the safest option.

For one, WordPress doesn’t limit login attempts. Even if a hacker unsuccessfully breaches your login, this brute force attack can overload your system. Your account can be suspended due to failed login attempts. In addition, your PHP code running your website can also be easily exploited. This allows attackers to gain unwarranted access to your website. When it comes to WordPress websites, be wary of SQL injections. This is when hackers gain full access to your website. Their goal is to insert new data into your database, including links to malicious or spam websites. You’re better off avoiding these types of issues by having a custom mortgage website with a comprehensive CMS (Content Management System) built in with with the mortgage company’s best interests in mind. In turn, these features will ensure the safety and privacy of homebuyers’ personal information.

Same Old, Same Old

Keep in mind that your website will reflect your mortgage company’s branding style. A website theme can look really nice on the surface, but realistically, you’re probably using a theme that 200 other companies are using. Therefore, you’re making your company blend right back into the crowd. A custom mortgage website takes dedication and time to look and function great. Since homebuyers need your undivided attention, it’s best to hire a professional to formulate your website to fit your needs. Anyone from a pizza shop to a car wash can purchase a WordPress template, install the theme, and call it their own. This is also how you run into restrictions. Themes can’t be changed, edited, or customized. Since so many mortgage companies these days make this mistake, your website will look just like theirs: boring and overused. Investing in a custom mortgage website will give your site a personality.

Educational Standpoint

Once your site is set up, you’ll have to learn a whole new program especially if you’re not familiar with how the back end works. A custom developed website with WebMax gives you an easy-to-understand CMS back end for ease of use. We offer extensive customer service, training, and weekly webinars to help you get the hang of using your own website. Our goal is to provide mortgage companies with the best digital solution to fit their needs. It’s pointless to waste your time and money to learn about web design and a web building platform when you’re in the mortgage industry. Our websites provide you with lead generation tools and are optimized for SEO purposes. This way you can focus on getting more loans closed and not waste time learning Yoast SEO or how an image slider works.

That Costs Extra?

Your website’s theme is just a skin for your website. If you want nice added features like cool plugins, extensions, or add-ons, then you’ll have to be willing to pay additional fees. This almost always includes flat or monthly recurring costs. As you can imagine, the price can add up in order to get the full website you really want. It doesn’t even end there. Once these add-ons are implemented, you’ll have to worry about updates and any costs that come with maintaining them. However, these extra fees can be avoided all together by utilizing a custom mortgage website that includes all of these services. WebMax, in particular, even has their own point-of-sale application, “Start”, which allows you to get the real deal with our fully optimized digital platform.

Odd Are That You Still Need Help

In the end, you’ll have to hire a web developer anyway. Avoid the inevitable aggravation, and just hire one to begin with because the odds are that you will need one. Unless you know back end setup, customization, servers, or more then you’re going to be hiring a web developer to implement your new website theme. For example, they’ll need to install the plugins or extensions every single time you want to add to your site. If you want to connect your digital point-of-sale mortgage application, then you’ll be calling on a web developer again. Basically, you’re not going to be able to do everything so it is not worth wasting your time.

Remember, professionals who do this for a living will be able to do things that you’ve never even thought of, in a lot less time. Your main focus should be on potential homebuyers, not your website. You know what you’re doing when it comes to fitting homebuyers for the right loan, and we know what we’re doing when it comes to customizing your website. Your best bet is to contact our web development team today for all of your custom mortgage website needs.

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