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The Importance of Lead Generation, Capture, and Follow-up

The Importance of Lead Generation, Capture, and Follow-up

November 28th, 2018

Lead generation is an important first step in every sales process, particularly in the mortgage industry.  In terms of a loan officer, one can’t expect to pick up the phone and make a call to find a solid lead. That’s simply not how it works.  As technology grows, it becomes more and more difficult for a lender to extend their reach passed their usual realtor referrals. With that being said, you must learn to target your potential homebuyers where they spend most of their time, which of course is on social media.

What Does This Mean?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the process of lead generation, its purpose is to identify and acquire potential homebuyers for your company, or in some cases, specific loan officers.  The idea is to drive potential borrowers through a strategic sales and marketing funnel to convert them from “strangers” into leads and ultimately customers.  Lead generation systems have the ability to compile a number of prospects for lenders and loan officers. In turn, LOs should start seeing more traffic coming their way, ultimately increasing their number of loans closed.  

Getting Started

There are lead generation platforms on the market that are designed specifically for lenders and loan officers, such as WebMax’s LeadMax.  This platform is designed to utilize online ads in order to drive potential borrowers into qualified, warm leads. The system then has the ability to simplify the communications process between the LO and the borrower, making for an easier, and more organized loan process.  When a lead has gone through the qualifying process, LOs have the ability to then communicate back and forth with them for a number of things. For example, LOs can then automate and schedule multimedia messages such as texts, ringless voicemails, video messages and much more.  In turn, this results in LOs generating more leads, having more valuable conversations, building stronger realtor relationships, and ultimately closing more loans. Overall, this concept will result in an increase in activity per LO, and will update traditional follow-up strategies.  

Make The Most Of Your Connections

The process doesn’t just stop here. For the success of any campaign, there needs to be multiple elements tied in. It’s the responsibility of the LO to connect with any necessary individuals online.  While lead generation platforms are sure to bring in a number of prospects, it would be ideal to be well-known in the industry. Some people to consider connecting with on social media would be real estate agents or companies, other loan officers, property managers, credit repair agencies, and other related individuals.  It’s always beneficial to be in good standing with other people in the mortgage industry for word of mouth references, and also to be seen as industry leaders. Therefore, you must take the time to make the most of your connections.  

Chief Marketing Officer
Kelley DeSantis assists WebMax by creating strategic partnerships while helping the company grow internally and externally. Additionally, she uses her skill sets that she has acquired over the years to work with the leadership team, sales, and marketing to promote progress among the company.


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