leveraging social media connections

Leveraging your Social Media Connections

Leveraging your Social Media Connections

April 8th, 2019

In the mortgage industry, it’s important to reach your prospective homebuyers through social media along with your traditional everyday methods. Furthermore, understanding how to market yourself and your mortgage company creates a strong social media presence. Presence with your connections, will ultimately lead to your success as a loan officer at your mortgage company.

Understanding Today’s Homebuyer

Before you get your audience engaged, it’s important to understand the audience you’re trying to reach. According to Marketer.com, 74.2% of US adult millennial internet users will bank digitally via any device. Currently, millennials are the main focus for many lenders trying to reach first-time homebuyers. Hence, millennials are dominating housing as well as most social media platforms.

In fact, millennials have been the largest generational group of homebuyers (36% in 2018) for years now, although they have not necessarily wielded the most home-buying wealth. Different social media platforms offer different strategies to optimize your content. For example, in a recent Webmax blog, video marketing was found to be the most popular way to view content, even in the mortgage industry. While video marketing is becoming more popular than reading information, it’s still good to know how to make any content reach your demographic in a way that captures their attention.

Best Types of Content on Social Media

In addition, knowing a platform is just as important as the content you put out. While Youtube has been dominating the video landscape for years, platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook are becoming more video based. Video is dominating on all of these platforms. Ultimately, making this the favorite viewing choice. With Facebook and Instagram live, this gives the opportunity for lenders and mortgage companies to put out more personable content.

Relating content to themes is a popular way to engage your potential homebuyers. For example, using the days of the week to make fun topics daily is a great way to interact with your followers. Doing a mid-week industry update on homes in the area on Wednesdays. Possibly on Friday’s do a Friday client spotlight. This is a fun way to give your content some variety.

Creating graphics and writing blogs are great content to post. In addition, graphics are fun, like videos, and keep you trendy so that all of your content is not just word-based. Utilizing writing is good, it enables your potential homebuyers to get to know you and establish validity in your blogs. 

Creating quality content offers significant value to potential homebuyers. It establishes a bond between the lender and homebuyer while also affecting your SEO which can be crucial to a mortgage company’s success. Creating content that follows the guidelines of boosting SEO will increase your chances of being seen by your audience. Creating quality content is just as important.

Demonstrating Appreciation

Remember, it’s important to show your potential homebuyers appreciation on social media. Some of the most common include having a live Q&A session. This encourages that you value your homebuyers opinions and you are open to suggestions. Another couple ways you can demonstrate appreciation is by implementing feedback that you get back. As well as not make your social media all business so that you can be more personable. Keeping your content original gives value to your profile and helps grow connections.

As a result, when lenders follow best practices on social media, they’ll have a good presence online. When they understand their audience, post the content they want to see, and show them appreciation, then they’re more than likely to use your services in the future for homebuying.

On April 11th, Kelsey Rauchut, industry leading National Business Development Manager with AnnieMac Home Mortgage will be speaking on Leveraging your Social Media Connections. Mastering Social media in the Mortgage Business Half Day Seminar at the 36th Annual Regional Conference of the MBAs located at Harrah’s in Atlantic City, NJ.

Kelsey Rauchut can be found here online at:
Website https://annie-mac.com/
Instagram: @closing_deals_in_heels
Twitter: @AnnieMacMtg
LinkedIn: Kelsey Rauchut
Facebook: AnnieMac Mortgage

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