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Leveraging Your Linkedin as a Loan Officer

Leveraging Your Linkedin as a Loan Officer

September 20th, 2018

The purpose of Linkedin was created for professionals connecting with other professionals all around the world. Linkedin is the top online social media platform for professionals. If you want to exist in the professional world, you should have a solid Linkedin profile.

Linkedin has over 500 million users. Linkedin is useful for many aspects of your career from networking, to keep up with professionals in your field while building and maintaining your online presence. Your Linkedin page is your professional profile and should be treated the same way you would represent yourself in the field .

As a loan officer, you want your followers and homebuyers to know that you know what you are talking about. That you are able to help them make that big decision and what is best for them in the long run. Linkedin gives you a lot powerful tools to drive interest and traffic to your profile. This information below represents just a few ways to leverage your Linkedin profile.

How to effectively use Linkedin to leverage your profile
  1. Take the time to fill out your Linkedin profile in detail using appropriate keywords. This will help you connect with the right people.
  2. Always use a professional picture. Linkedin profiles receive 11 time more viewers if they have a picture.
  3. Ask people you have worked with before to use the recommendation feature.
  4. Comment to 15 to 30 minutes everyday posting meaningful content. It’s not about who can post the most, but providing your audience with meaningful content.
Sharing meaningful content

It is important to make sure your company has meaningful content to share with your followers and homebuyers. Share content that is fun, industry-related, facts and FAQ, how-to’s, share links, articles and inspiring quotes. When sharing meaningful content always include an image along with your post. Visual content can go a long way and make a significant impact. So make sure your post stands out by including an eye-catching image.

Posting videos is another way to share meaningful content. People love visual content and videos. Using video content is one of those powerful tools. Don’t be afraid to include a video with your post. A video will improve the number of shares your post will get.

Engaging with your online audience

Engaging with your online audience is critical to your business, if offers a direct connection to your clients and target audience. Posting meaningful content is only part of having a successful profile. The other important part is engaging with your customers online. The speed in which you reply to questions, comments and concerns is very important. A company that has a quick response rate, sends a better image to their customers. Customers like it when a company replies back to them in a timely manner. It shows the customer that you are listening, understand and care about their concerns on a human level.

Now you know everything you need to do to leverage your Linkedin as a loan officer. Just remember your how-to’s, share meaningful content and engage with your online audience.

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