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How To Use Live Videos For Marketing Your Company

How To Use Live Videos For Marketing Your Company

July 16th, 2018

If you’re familiar with the world of social media then you have probably either tuned into live videos or have at least heard your friends talking about them.  The question at hand, however, is if you have ever created one. Being put on the spot online (especially on video) can be pretty intimidating, however it can be one of your greatest marketing techniques as a professional in the mortgage industry.  Not only does this give you an opportunity to informally meet potential home buyers, but you can also answer any questions that your client has been meaning to ask you.  Therefore, it would be beneficial to you and your mortgage company to create live videos on social media platforms at least once every week.

Q & A

What better way is there to have your questions answered than a Q&A event?  Having a weekly live video where you answer any questions would benefit you as well as the client.  Not only can you come across to home buyers as being a mortgage expert, but you will demonstrate that you truly care about pacifying their concerns and answering any questions they may have.  This will show the home buyer that you know your stuff while building a trusting relationship with them.  


According to Business News Daily, incentives are key in social media marketing.  As a loan officer, you have the ability to entice your followers with deals and products that are only available by watching your live feed.  For example, if your mortgage company has special shirts or magnets around the holidays, you can give some of them away.  Specifically, Ocean City, NJ realtors were giving away pumpkin and shamrock magnets for the holidays.  Everyone was driving around with these magnets on their cars, including potential clients.  If you can convince your followers to watch your videos, they are most likely going to listen to what you have to say.  Even if they aren’t looking for a loan right away, they will remember to contact you next year when the time comes.


You’re a person outside of the office; you are not only a loan officer.  Work on relationship building like we talked about previously by simply showing home buyers what you like to do.  Are you doing something exciting today? Start a short live video and share the experience with your followers. They will start to engage with you not only on a professional level, but a personal level as well. Potential home buyers will start to notice small things that you may have in common with one another that you can talk about. This is a great relationship building technique that will also help to build trust.  They don’t want just anyone dealing with their loan. Who better to choose, than someone they feel they have gotten a chance to know? Take advantage of this strategy too and start your live video.

All in all, live videos are fun not only for you, but for your followers.  You will come across as the best mortgage professional to contact when the time is right; what more could you want? Live videos are one of the most creative and easiest marketing techniques for a professional in the mortgage industry.

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