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Make Your Social Media Content Stand Out In A Crowd

Make Your Social Media Content Stand Out In A Crowd

June 25th, 2018

There are millions of pieces of content shared on social media platforms daily. It’s no wonder that some pieces get lost and never thought about again. After a while, some of the same posts from loan officers and mortgage professionals begin to run together. If they don’t catch my eye, I know I won’t take the time to look at them. The bottom line here is that your social media content needs to stand out if you want potential home buyers to look further into your profile and posts. If you want them to choose you as their mortgage company, you need to first get them to notice you. Keeping your social media new and exciting is the key to a successful media campaign; potential home buyers must remain engaged. When you are creating your social media content, think about if you would stop to look at it. Don’t let a home buyer pass you by.

Live Infographics

Infographics with animations are rare which is why they are great to grab the attention of a home buyer. They will wonder what is moving across their screen, and will most likely stop to look at it. This is how you will draw them in. Make your infographic count because this is what will get them to see what else you have to say. A great example is SB Nation’s “Chart Party.” Their graphics are informational, engaging, and keep the viewer watching for the entire 10-20 minute segment. What better way to make content or statistics stand out than using animated sequences? Viewers can easily become hooked by seeing an object move while scrolling by the chart or diagram. Therefore, use live infographics to your advantage.

Worthy Images

A picture is worth a thousand words. If you use a good quality, intriguing picture, homebuyers will be more likely to click on your content. Images that look nicer than others surrounding them attract the human brain. This will ultimately raise the expectations of the reader, making them think that the content of your post will be worth the read. Don’t disappoint them! Make sure your post is a good read. You want them to bookmark your page or follow you so that they can keep up what you have to say. There are multiple sites that provide free high resolution images such as Pixabay, Unsplash, Pexels, and Pikwizard.

Interactive Content

Getting your audience involved in your content will certainly make it stand out against other individuals in the mortgage industry. The viewers will learn to trust you as their loan officer and will appreciate that the mortgage company is making efforts to recognize them. For example, you can offer simple Q&A events on Facebook Live each week to show that you want to assist potential home buyers in any way you can while keeping them well informed. This will keep your audience engaged, increasing the amount of potential home buyers that will choose you over someone who didn’t bother to build a relationship with them.


Who doesn’t love a good contest? Individuals will share your posts time and time again to try and win a worthwhile contest. They will tag their friends in posts and comments, doubling your prospective home buyer traction. Not only does this get your name out there, but it also drives traffic to your page. When it comes time for individuals to buy a house, they’ll choose a loan officer they’ve heard of before. And yes, that even includes if it was from six months ago when their friend tagged them in your post. Not only do contests make content stand out and get viewers engaged, but it’s a nice advertising outlet as well. When you or your mortgage company hold contests, it allows you both to get your name out there. It also drives traffic to the rest of your content. There’s no better way to make your social media content stand out in a crowd.

Overall, it’s crucial in today’s world of marketing that you and your company do not get lost in the sea of social media. You have to take necessary precautions in order to make your content stand out amongst all of the other boring posts from other loan officers. It’s your duty to keep your posts exciting and refreshing, convincing potential homebuyers that you’re the best mortgage expert there is.

Marketing Coordinator & Graphic Designer
Joe Pekula has worked in graphic design, advertising, and marketing for over 10 years with exceptional experience in various industries. At WebMax, he brings the company’s vision to life through content, design, and all of the brand’s initiatives.

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