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Five Important Features To Check For In Marketing Software

Five Important Features To Check For In Marketing Software

In order to effectively manage your businesses development, it is important to have a marketing software platform that has at least the five features listed here in this post. Each feature is critical to generating thousands of leads for your business on a monthly basis. By leveraging marketing software using these features, you can continually increase your marketing through acquisition strategies. When choosing marketing software for your business, consider these five features for maximum optimization and implacability:

1. Market Analytics

This is the number one feature in any platform and is a vital one in providing relevant metrics that are meaningful in driving the decision-making process. The marketing analytics should go beyond just normal tracking of site data. They should be built-in and provide optimizing alerts and indicators that are bench-marked against your current marketing goals. Analytics should be integrated across all marketing channels in order to gain valuable insights on each component of search, re-marketing, organic and social influence of one another. The key is to gather the correct data that is aligned with your marketing goals and supports the economics of the marketing spend.

2. Content Marketing

Creating content in order to gain organic growth, whether it be a local or national strategy, is constantly changing. However, the main goal is to create unique content that leverages strong calls to action embedded within the content. In order to get to a point where you discover the content, you first need data to analyze or at least have a general idea on how to effectively start the creation process. It is vital to have access to other channels that are delivering conversions and then allow those opportunities to lead to the idea creation process for strong content marketing. If your content marketing efforts are integrated among other channels, you have the opportunity to track all engagement.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social Media is one of the most rapidly growing marketing channels to date. There have been great advancements on this front in regards to technology that provide the ability to build successful campaigns. Facebook, Twitter and also Snapchat are all players in the digital space and are a great tool for grabbing additional market visibility.

The option to have a single access point to all these channels from one platform is crucial. You have to be able to track ad performance, conversions and audiences to one solution. In doing so your social efforts become more targeted and optimized.

4. CRM Integration

It is important to have all your conversion data automatically sync into the CRM so that the leads being generated can be addressed and followed up with. Having a CRM as a standalone solution requires much more integration and can lead to bad data. This can cause your marketing efforts to be negatively affected. If all of your information is kept in one place, it not only simplifies the time management and assigning of leads, it also enables more accurate reporting and optimization to occur.

5. On-Demand Services

Once all of your analytics, PPC management, content, re-marketing and social media are on one platform, it is crucial that the service to execute and grow these channels is accessible at all times. The ability to manage your blog, optimize data, set economic benchmarks for better tracking and have dedicated marketing personnel is important in the process of having a software that can substantially support your business.

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