Benjamin LaRue Chief Information Officer, CIO, at Webmax

WebMax’s New CIO Adds Tech Firepower to Team

WebMax’s New CIO Adds Tech Firepower to Team

September 5th, 2018

Benjamin LaRue is responsible for setting objectives and implementing strategies for the technologies used at WebMax on products and services.

He will work with other WebMax leaders to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. In addition, LaRue will represent the technological agenda in staff meetings and when making hiring decisions. One of his main focuses will be assisting WebMax’s CTO with developer recruitment, and monitoring changes or advancements in technology to improve upon ways the company can raise their competitive advantage. He will analyze the costs, values, and risks of information technology to inform management, and will then suggest further actions while planning programming projects. All in all, he will serve as a valuable asset to the WebMax development team by assisting them in the completion of projects and tasks.

LaRue comes to WebMax with more than twenty years experience in software development. He has a background with a varied skill set and a large amount of experience that will assist him in his day to day life at WebMax. After attending San Francisco University for Economics, he stayed in California to fulfill a lead developer position at Tonic Generation. Most recently, LaRue spent four years as Chief Technology Officer at Printfly with a slew of responsibilities. As CTO, he was responsible for building the company’s development team from three people to more than twenty, while managing their software, product, QA, and UI/UX teams. Some of his other major achievements as CTO at Printfly include: Leading his team to rebuild their internal custom ERP to become fully integrated with Salesforce; Redeveloping the corporate website to be a fully responsive experience; Transitioning the entire staff to data driven decisions, and planned sprints.

In LaRue’s free time he enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter, and son. However, his family-man lifestyle doesn’t end there. As an avid animal lover, his family also includes one dog, one cat, seven ducks, three goats, two sheep, and a pig named Kevin. While most of his time is taken up by his family, he also likes to be entertained by home automation projects to keep his brain rolling even after work hours.

With his impressive background in software development, LaRue provides the WebMax team with immense value. As an ambitious and driven developer, he will be able to further enhance the development team as well as WebMax’s solutions as Chief Information Officer. WebMax is looking forward to implementing the ideas that LaRue has in store for our team.

Chief Operating Officer
Siera Smith is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations to support the growth of WebMax and add to the bottom line of the organization. Her main focus is on strategic planning and goal-setting while also creating, implementing, and managing key organizational policies, processes, reports, and standardizations.

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