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Real Estate Marketing Tips to Sell Your Next Listing

Real Estate Marketing Tips to Sell Your Next Listing

As a Real Estate agent, you know that marketing your real estate business as well as your clients’ properties plays a vital role in having a successful sale. Today, more than ever, there are an abundance of useful tools and strategies available to help boost your sale time and listing feedback. When it comes to marketing, you should think outside of the box by using unique approaches. In this article, we are going to provide you innovative real estate marketing tools to help sell your listing. We are even going to provide you some unique ideas that you are most likely not using yet so that you have no excuse to keep using the same marketing strategies.

There are two primary things you are responsible for marketing —  your clients’ listings and yourself. A great agent needs to be able to do both and do so efficiently. Any type of mediocrity or lack of results will make it far too easy for buyers, sellers, renters and investors to simply move on to another agent. It is not enough anymore to just add your property to MLS, complete an open house and add your properties to social media. Instead, we are going to focus on sharing some unique real estate marketing strategies to effectively promote and sell your listing.

Tip #1:  Have the Neighborhood Sell the Home

Sometimes the amenities and attributes of an area can sell a home better than anything else. The problem is, most buyers that are not familiar with a neighborhood can have a difficult time picturing what their life would be like in this new place. Leveraging new technologies allows you to offer a truly unique and immersive service for serious buyers. The best part is that you can quickly set yourself apart from other agents by using this idea before they do.

Use services such as Uber and OpenTable  to provide your prospective, qualified buyers an unforgettable experience in their future neighborhood. All you need to do is to use the OpenTable app to book a lunch or dinner for your buyers. Also, thanks to Uber’s open API  you can actually order an Uber right from your reservation to have the clients be picked up and dropped off.

How is this an Advantage?

It is rare for a buyer to take the time to explore an area as if they lived there already before purchasing or renting their new home. There’s no better opportunity to do just that than going out for dinner or lunch and not having to be concerned about driving around only to get frustrated from getting lost because they aren’t familiar with the area. The car ride also gives them the chance to see parts of the area that they might not of recognized by driving around themselves.

Tip #2: Give Your Buyer a Clear Perspective

The truth is, sometimes only having a verbal explanation can cause your listing to be unable to showcase  to its full potential. Even the most experienced agents can undersell a property if they are forced to only use text to do so.

There is no secret that one of the most effective ways to showcase a property is by using high quality photos and videos. Taking these effective tools to the next level requires some creativity and help from the use of new technology.

There are apps such as Gofor that enable you to provide drone footage on your listing and its surrounding area.  Another option is to hire an experienced photographer to capture this footage for you. This ensure that your images are clear and the best possible quality rather than just using your phone to take them. There are not many agents using drones. Not only does this take your listing to the next level but it provides your client a different and more detailed perspective.

How is this an Advantage?

Drones can provide vantage points and footage that other video or photo technologies cannot. These unique shots can give buyers a real experience of a property and its surroundings in the convenience of their own homes. At the end of the day, a high quality drone video of a property is surely going to impress your buyers more than a photo or video from your phone. Not only are you setting yourself apart from other realtors by doing this, but you are accommodating your buyer and providing them quality service.

Tip #3: Promote Your Listings

There is nothing like spending an entire weekend hosting an open house only to have a poor turnout. Even if you mastered your marketing, this has probably happened to you at some point in your real estate career. Fortunately, there are some creative opportunities to maximize the available listing that can generate revenue, feedback and more importantly interested prospects.

Take advantage of services such as EventUp and StoreFront to fill the listing with prospective buyers — or people that can refer buyers. People are constantly looking for a space to host events and sell their items in pop-up shops. There are not many open locations that meet the space demands of these people better than residential listings for sale or lease.  Through these services you could list the property, set a price, set your guidelines and let people inquire about the space for their event or pop-up shop. You can filter through the leads to handpick the ones that you think provide  the most buzz and prospects.

Another option is to advertise your open house date and time on apps such as EventBrite. This enables people from the community and surrounding areas to not only become aware of your open house but also share it among their friends and family which can enhance the turnout that much more. Not only are you going to get good PR, but the word of mouth marketing can generate will amplify your prospect database and heighten your reputation as a creative listing agent.

Your Move:

We hope the ideas above spark some creativity and challenge you to look outside of your comfort zone when it comes to marketing your listings. With these unique tools, you are sure to stand out among other realtors. There is no better time than today to try something different. We challenge you to do so!

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