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Making The Most Of Your Social Media Connections

Making The Most Of Your Social Media Connections

May 14th, 2018

Mortgage lenders know that there are plenty of ways to meet new clients. A referral from a happy customer is great. Attending an open house with a stack of business cards is another effective way to market yourself. However, there’s no better place to increase your odds of meeting a new prospect than there is on social media. Home buyers are spending almost as much time on social media as they are watching TV these days. Making social media a golden opportunity for your marketing efforts. Here are a few good practices when attracting new clients on social media channels.

Know Your Audience

In building your social media connections, it’s important to know your audience and how to reach them. It’s crucial that you don’t flood your friends’ and followers’ feed with fifty posts per day, forcing them to unfollow you.  The items you post must not only be concise and to the point, but must also matter to your followers. If they don’t care, they won’t follow or subscribe. Take this into consideration when you’re about to devise your fifth post of the day.  If they don’t want to look at your posts for whatever reason, they will most definitely unfollow you without thinking twice.

Learn To Increase Traffic

According to Social Media Explorer, there’s a variety of ways to increase traffic amongst your social media pages.  They include short, concise updates as well as the use of visual content. High conversion keywords are also extremely important.  Certain keywords generate more engagement than others. They attract not only more clicks, but even more exposure. Facebook’s most shared keywords include: “Where”, “When”, and ‘Tell Us” according to a study by Quicksprout.  In addition, hashtags have become a huge advantage in terms of social media over the last few years.  Hashtags allow you to go beyond your followers and reach individuals who otherwise may have never known you existed.  This allows for more conversations and followers on your page.

Turning Off Your Friends And Followers

One of the biggest mistakes you can make while maintaining your social media networks is lacking engagement with your audience.  Engaging with all past, present, or potential prospects help to build up a foundation of trust. The interactions that you maintain play a large part in making your pages feel accessible and communicative.  The worst thing you could do is say nothing. Posting too much or too little is also a turn off; it is your job to find a happy medium. Try not to stray from the overall message, either. If your content comes across as irrelevant then your followers will look elsewhere for their information.  Keep this in mind.

New Video Technology

Visual content is primarily the basis for social media marketing campaigns.  Particularly, videos have become part of mainstream social media marketing. There are a variety of online and offline tools that make it super easy to create, edit, and share videos, which allow you to express your brand story in a creative way.  For example, “Placeit” is an online editing tool that allows you to create mockups and videos in a realistic environment almost instantly.  “Animoto” is a subscription based online editing and creating service in which you can turn regular content into  professional videos.  There’s an unthinkable amount of tools that are only a click away. They can ultimately optimize your social media content.

It’s important to know what your followers do and do not want in terms of what they see online.  You’re responsible for any thoughts behind your posts so it’s crucial that you make them count. Making the most out of your social media connections makes for a successful marketing campaign.  

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