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Social Media Focus for Lenders: Twitter

Social Media Focus for Lenders: Twitter

February 27th, 2019

In the mortgage industry, social media platforms play an important role for marketing. For loan officers and lenders, twitter is one of the most tactical platforms to utilize with over 67 million active monthly users.The majority of those looking to invest in the home buying marketing are millennial’s, and about 80% of Twitter users fall into this generation according to Hootsuite. As a result, reaching out to this demographic through the use of social media is important.

Advantages of Twitter

Many people think that Twitter is a limited platform, but that’s not the case at all. Twitter has tons of ways to boost your business and expand your marketing growth. Twitter allows you to build a community and engage with your followers, and those who follow you. Engagement between your followers will help increase your growth as well as brand authority. Lenders and loan officers tend to gain recognition when they chat about topics that are relevant within the mortgage industry. By doing this, your knowledge and expertise can be represented and eventually trust is gained. It’s always a comforting feeling knowing you can buy a home from someone you trust and see as an expert in the mortgage industry.

Success within Twitter

According to lenders and loan officers in the mortgage industry, using your digital footprint seems to be the biggest way for social media success. On Twitter specifically, tweets are shown in real time making it a unique platform. This is based on the fact it doesn’t use an algorithm like other social platforms. Leaving a digital footprint helps better your search engine optimization (SEO). Understanding how to better your SEO is crucial as a loan officer. Your participation on Twitter can increase your visibility positively. The more you participate on Twitter, the better your SEO will be. Since most of the world uses Google to search, increasing your activity on Twitter can boost your success on Google through the SEO. Twitter cards are another way to help market your mortgage industry. Twitter cards allow you to attach media like pictures, video and audio inside the Twitter platform. This will drive traffic to your website with increased content and is ideal for those in the mortgage industry. It enables you to promote content as well as increase your Twitter traffic.

Tips to Consider

Additionally, It’s important to not neglect any of your other social media accounts, and to also promote your twitter account on your other social media platforms. People may not consider a lender or loan officer to commonly have a Twitter account, so promoting it can be helpful. Make sure your Twitter (and other social media) links are prominently displayed on your website, so home buyers can easily find you. Always remember to be active on Twitter, because just having a social media account doesn’t promote marketing, being active with your posts does. People enjoy to see fun, interactive posts. Being as creative as possible will certainly boost your social media presence.

Overall, Twitter is a great resource among the rest of social media platforms to use within the mortgage industry. Opportunities are endless with social media, and Twitter is one of the most tactical platforms for lenders and loan officers.  

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