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Social Media Tools That Professional Marketers Are Using Today

Social Media Tools That Professional Marketers Are Using Today

July 2nd, 2018

If you’re planning on executing a social media marketing campaign for your mortgage company, you have to find the right social media tools to fit your needs. Professional marketers in the mortgage industry utilize tools such as Buffer, MeetEdgar, BuzzSumo, and Bitly. While there are numerous other popular tools, these have been found to be some of the best ones. Social media tools will help you to grow your campaign, find relevant information, analyze insights, and improve your overall efforts toward potential home buyers. 


When it comes to online marketing, Buffer has to be one of the most notable resources. It allows you to schedule your posts in advance for any social media platform that you want. For example, if you want to post three times a day, everyday, for the next three weeks on Twitter, Buffer will let you do that. You can sit down and do it all at once, and won’t have to worry about it again for a few weeks. You can also analyze the insights from your posts, deciding which ones were effective and which ones weren’t in order to adjust your post for the next time around.


This one may just be my favorite. Have you ever found yourself at a loss of words. Sometimes you just don’t know which posts will appeal to potential home buyers. MeetEdgar is a social media scheduling tool that allows you to recycle old posts. So that means that you can reuse the really creative post you made two months ago that you forgot all about! What you do is organize your posts by categories, schedule your posts by which category you want to go live, and then MeetEdgar can post your content from each category. After using all of your posts, it will start to reuse your older posts. Reusing what home buyers forgot about from months ago. It’s like a memory for your social media!


BuzzSumo has become a great tool when it comes to discovering new and popular content online. All you have to do is search any given topic or words and BuzzSumo will do the rest. It provides you with the most popular posts that contain those keywords or revolve around those categories. This allows you to take a look at other successful social media campaigns to get fresh ideas for your own social media marketing. Another great thing about BuzzSumo is that it shows you a list of individuals who are sharing the popular content it provided you with. This then allows you to identify individuals in your industry who can potentially grow your followers and visibility on the web. 


What’s cool about Bitly is that it allows you to shorten any URL in order to make it fit on your social media platforms whether it be Twitter or Facebook. Not only does it look nicer and cleaner, but it saves characters if you’re tight on space when creating a post. For example, instead of looking at a link such as: you can have a nice and short one that looks like: It is short, to the point, and doesn’t take up too much space. After making your post public, you then have the ability to track your link and view insights such as how many times it was clicked. This allows you as a mortgage marketing professional to adjust your efforts if necessary.

There are many steps to a successful media campaign; you have to consider many aspects that could have an effect on your social media success. However, with the help of social media marketing tools such as these, you may have just what you need to win over potential home buyers.

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