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Emerging Tech Trends Featured at 2018 SXSW Festival

Emerging Tech Trends Featured at 2018 SXSW Festival   March 23, 2018 South By Southwest, the sprawling, all-encompassing festival in Austin, Texas, which covers movies, music and technology, has become one of the most anticipated conferences for a broad spectrum of industry professionals. Known for exhibiting new technology and showcasing emerging trends, this year’s event […]

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2017: The Year of the Scam…?

2017: The Year of the Scam…?   March 12th, 2018 Last year marked another year scammers successfully finessed their way into stealing your hard-earned money. The Federal Trade Commission received nearly 2.7 million complaints in 2017, with 42.5% of them reported as fraud.  With today’s vast platform of digital technology, scammers are prepared to rob […]

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6 Strategies for Accelerating Your Business’ Growth

6 Strategies for Accelerating Your Business’ Growth February 26th, 2018 Earlier this month, WebMax proudly announced it recieved a Velocity 50 Award, a prestigious honor granted by the CEO Report recognizing the region’s fastest growing companies.  Companies awarded the Velocity 50 Award expect to impact the Philadelphia region’s economy for years to come and provide […]

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How Technology is Changing the Way Real Estate Lenders Do Business

HOW TECHNOLOGY IS CHANGING THE WAY REAL ESTATE LENDERS DO BUSINESS August 29th, 2017 Over the past several years, Real Estate developers, builders, and brokers have been faced with rapidly changing social, demographic and technological realities. Technology has an enormous impact on how the real estate industry markets listings and upcoming developments. Digital Presentations Not […]

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