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Three Things You Should Do Before the Holidays as a Real Estate Agent

Three Things You Should Do Before the Holidays as a Real Estate Agent

November 22th, 2017

We put a lot of time and care into the things that make the holidays ‘the most wonderful time of the year.’ But, what about our business? It is just as important to build your brand and boost your business in the upcoming year. It’s time to focus on improving your marketing and creating a business plan.

Evaluate and Learn Your Lessons

Applying a critical eye is a significant step in improving your business. Once the year is over, it is smart to evaluate the past year and all the decisions that ended successfully and those that did not.

Be sure you are asking yourself the correct questions in your process:

Are you budgeting for marketing and reaping the benefits of a strong strategy?

Does your agent site look as up to date and appealing as it could?

Are you advertising in the right places and to the right audience?

Are you getting enough exposure and traffic?

You should be planning your businesses needs for the upcoming year and developing useful strategies to reach your future goals.

Make Plans

Make sure you have an all-in-one solution that helps you in saving time and money. You may consider utilizing a marketing tool kit to promote your business and boost your lead generation. Here are some of the benefits of a marketing tool kit:

In terms of online presence and overall presentation, a mobile-friendly agent site that you can maintain yourself is crucial. Take it a step further by creating individual property sites for your most promising listings — home buyers are definitely going to appreciate the extra effort.

Keep up on your leads by using an effective integrated CRM. Also, consider drip email campaigns to keep engagement going. You also get several advertising options designed to boost your exposure, both in terms of listings and as a local agent.

Advertising Smart

When it comes to exposure, there is no question that your listings should be visible to as many eyes as possible. With a solution like Point2 you can get all the tools above, plus an extra edge that includes featured advertising on Point2’s real estate portal.

It is never too late to start building your brand and utilizing today’s prominent marketing services available as a realtor. Each step in promoting your business brings you that much closer to closing a sale. Try out some of our recommended tips and share your success stories!

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