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Video Created a Mortgage Star

Video Created a Mortgage Star

March 19th, 2019

Video Marketing is starting to dominate social media platforms with its presence.
Even Twitter, a platform founded on reading and writing messages alone, now has 82% of its users watching video content on the platform. Whether it be live video, moving info graphics, testimonial videos, video ads, or any other form, video is becoming a prominent way businesses are sharing and marketing content online. Within the mortgage industry, video content is becoming a key tool to social media marketing and is increasing sales. The digital world is constantly growing, and people are preferring to watch a video opposed to reading information. Therefore, knowing exactly how to utilize video marketing can benefit your mortgage company’s growth on social media exponentially.

Promote your Mortgage Business

Many people don’t realize that there’s more to video marketing than just shooting a movies of yourself. Live videos are an excellent way to receive real-time feedback and encourage conversation. Although, the live method is a popular choice across social media platforms, there’s still other ways to promote your mortgage business. When creating a video for your mortgage company, not only does the content itself promote your mortgage business but the social shares and SEO as well.

Social shares helps get your content out on the internet. People that see your content and want to share it help promote social sharing, which is a great strategy for marketing content. Ever notice how certain things can go viral on the internet? This is possible through social sharing.

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, has been favoring video content because it’s the most popular way of displaying digital content. Since video is the most favorable way to view content, using it can boost your company’s SEO overall. By boosting your SEO, it gives your company’s website a better chance to be viewed before another one  as it increases your standing on search engine result pages.

Different Uses on Different Platforms

Not all social media platforms are the same when it comes to video marketing. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter all have ‘live’ options. Currently, Snapchat does not have a live option,. However, LinkedIn has released a live video option to those in select groups. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have live video options that are very similar. They are all real-time video and enable comments from viewers increasing engagement. Each platform has its differences and that is dependent on the target audience. While most people have social media, not all people have a social media account for each platform. Video Marketing using different platforms helps to reach different target audiences.When marketing your mortgage business on social media, in general, it’s always important to know what target audience is using which platform.

Building Relationships

Trust is an important factor to the success of video marketing or marketing in general. In the mortgage industry, trust between the borrower and lender is important when it comes to making a purchasing decision. Video marketing promotes the company’s image by increasing conversation, brand awareness, and increasing closed loans from those leads. Live videos engage the audience and enables them to connect with each other. Not only do live videos help engage the audience, they help show that you’re personable outside of the office as well. When homebuyers get to know their lender on a personal level, it helps them connect and build a trusting bond.

On April 11th, Wendy Saltzman, a 3-time Emmy Award-Winning Reporter, previous Investigative Reporter for 6ABC Action News, and current CEO of Philly Power Media, will be speaking on the power of using video marketing on social media during Mastering Social media in the Mortgage Business Half Day Seminar at the 36th Annual Regional Conference of the MBAs located at Harrah’s in Atlantic City, NJ.

Wendy Saltzman can be found here online at:

Instagram: @Wendy_Saltzman
Twitter: @WendySaltzman
LinkedIn: Wendy Saltzman
Facebook: WendySaltzmanphilly.powermedia

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