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Video Marketing in the Mortgage Industry

Video Marketing in the Mortgage Industry

February 18th, 2019

In today’s world of digital technology, we see video marketing becoming much more prominent. According to Forbes, 90% of customers say video helps them make buying decisions and 64% of customers say that seeing a video makes them more likely to buy. As the digital landscape changes and video makes its rise, the mortgage industry should take note. According to the Mortgage Marketing Institute, audiences have a 75 percent better understanding of a product when viewing a video as opposed to reading information. Especially as a lender, it’s important to keep up with the digital world and current trends. Therefore, knowing how to use video marketing within the mortgage industry can help your company succeed in many different ways.

The Benefits of Video Marketing
Earn A Borrower’s Trust
  • Regardless of the product, almost always, trust plays a huge role to the customer when making a purchasing decision. As a loan officer the same idea applies; a trusting relationship between the lender and borrower is important to create. Video marketing helps provide a trustful bond between the mortgage company itself and potential homebuyer. It does this by promoting the company’s image. The purpose of this is to provide the customer with a connection to the product while trusting the company. This can establish a bond between the LO and homebuyer.
Improve Your SEO
  • Another great reason you might consider using video to market your loan officers brand is to improve the search engine optimization also known as the SEO. Google has been favoring video content because it’s currently the most popular part of digital marketing. It is also how most people prefer to view content. The mortgage industry can be competitive, and currently video is the most favored online marketing tools amongst competitors. Videos are more searchable than text content and videos give real time feedback. Improving your mortgage companies SEO can grow your visibility on search engine results pages, ultimately improving your search ranking overall.
Boost Conversations and Sales
  • In addition, video is known to help boost conversations and sales. Live videos are popular when interacting with your target audience and can be fun for everyone involved. They help engage the audience and make for an interactive experience between the lender and the borrower as well as convey the information clearly. As a loan officer, engaging with your audience is essential and creates a bond that could increase sales. It’s really important to be engaged with your potential homebuyers so that they can see that you have a professional personality and you’re someone they can trust. This will make the buyer more comfortable and hopefully inclined to make a purchase.  
Video Sharing on Social Media
  • You’ve probably noticed that the majority of your Facebook feed is now filled up with videos. That’s not by coincidence.Utilizing video marketing helps encourage social shares which could lead to going viral throughout the sharing process. Not that this should be a goal, but it just shows how powerful the internet is and how it can be beneficial to a company. Using video attracts even the laziest buyers by making the buying experience more convenient for them. Text can be more exhausting than watching a video, and with more of the population demanding video, that’s what companies are choosing to produce more of.

Overall, the digital world is constantly evolving daily. Adapting to change can be critical for your mortgage companies success. With video controlling most social media platforms, lenders need to consider using taking advantage of it to obtain all the benefits it has to offer.


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