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WebMax Intern Diary: Jacquelyn Knoll

WebMax Intern Diary: Jacquelyn Knoll

July 30th, 2018

My name is Jacquelyn Knoll and I am going into my senior year at Stockton University. I am currently pursuing a degree in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations.  I began my internship at WebMax on May 7th, 2018. I’ve since learned a great deal of information in not only the Marketing and PR industries, but also the mortgage industry as a whole.  I came into this internship with little knowledge of the home buying process, but have since learned a great deal that I plan on utilizing in the future.

Life At WebMax

Throughout my internship, I had a wide variety of duties.  I interned twice a week, always starting my day in a meeting with the rest of the WebMax team.  We would discuss what we had planned for that day in order to remain on the same page. From there, I would handle the formulation of one of our client’s social media posts.  This included their daily tweets, Facebook posts, and LinkedIn updates. My duties also consisted of weekly blog posts and writing articles for online publications. I took an interest in search engine optimization as well. So, I took the initiative to edit passed blog posts in order to improve SEO for our entries.  On the side, I researched social media conferences to compile a list of speakers and speaking points, and also assisted in updating our glossary of mortgage terms. Overall, my role as an intern at WebMax was extremely rewarding, and I learned something new every day.

What Have I Gotten Out Of This?

Not only have I had the opportunity to perfect my cooking in a crockpot, but I feel as though my writing has improved greatly.  Joe Pekula, our marketing coordinator, graphic designer and my supervisor, was always around to help me improve my articles and give me advice on how I could make them better.  I owe most of what I have learned out of this internship to him. He was never annoyed by my silly questions, but rather always had an answer for me. Joe and Kyle Schachner, our PR and Account Coordinator, helped me to understand SEO, what it meant, and how to improve it.  I went from only knowing a textbook definition, to being able to improve the SEO and readability of our blogs on my own. The amount that I have learned from each and every team member at WebMax is by far too much to list, but I will remember it all as I move on my career.  

The WebMax Family

Being a part of the team at WebMax is like being a part of a family.  When I began my internship experience, everyone was very welcoming, and took me out to lunch to welcome me in.  My coworkers included me in company activities, like our lunches on Mondays. Each person would take a turn making lunch for the office every week and then would eat together on our break.  WebMax treated like I was part of the team from my very first day, which is all I ever could’ve asked for. No college student should ever feel awkward or uncomfortable about starting an internship for WebMax because they will welcome you with open arms.  It is a relaxed environment to get my work done. I realized almost immediately that there was nothing to be nervous about. I recommend interning at WebMax for anyone majoring in the Communications, Marketing, or PR fields.

My journey with WebMax is only beginning, however.  As I approached the end of my internship, I also began a part-time position as their Marketing Assistant/Lead Generation Specialist.  Therefore, I still have much more to learn, and am ecstatic that my experience with WebMax won’t end here.

Marketing Coordinator
Jacquelyn’s role as Marketing Coordinator spans a great deal of important duties as she takes part in all of WebMax’s marketing initiatives. Her role produces lead generation from various marketing and sales angles including writing opportunities and reaching out to prospects directly.

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