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Why Your Website Is Causing You to Lose Leads

Why Your Website Is Causing You to Lose Leads

June 13th, 2018

Have you noticed rankings are down for your website?  You are no longer receiving the constant traffic that was getting you potential homebuyer leads, and you don’t know why.  This probably has something to do with your website itself whether it be attributed to it’s SEO ranking, content, or accessibility. As a mortgage company or loan officer, it is important for your website to make a lasting impression on it’s viewers.  The more incoming traffic your website has, the more opportunity there is for homebuyers to reach out and contact you. Make sure that your website is pulling them in.

SEO Ranking

Have you noticed that you’re no longer ranked number one when you search for yourself on google? You know that you exist, but homebuyers who are looking for their ideal loan officer don’t know who you are.  The odds are that they will not look passed the first page of their results, so you need to make sure you’re at the top. In order to do so, you must structure your content, reach the optimal word count, and use your chosen keywords frequently.

Avoid Autoplay

Have you ever gone onto a website while in public and suddenly some video starts playing obnoxiously loud?  You most likely hurry up and click the “back” button. Don’t force homebuyers to watch your video.  Yes, it may be full of great information, but they need to have the option to watch it themselves.  In addition, there should be a run down of what’s in the video throughout the written content of the website anyway.  

Redesign Required

Homebuyers and potential leads want quick, easy, accessible information at their fingertips.  They don’t want to wait around. Your website needs to reflect your efficiency which means acquiring mobile capabilities and installing features such as a point-of-sale application.  It also must be visually appealing with easy to read fonts.  The website should demonstrate personality to reach out to your leads. In a growing market, it is imperative for you to remain up to date online.  

Load Time

The pace in which your website loads reflects upon you and your profession as a mortgage professional.  Your potential leads are likely to abandon your website if it takes more than three seconds to load. As previously stated, your leads want quick and easy processes which starts the second they click onto your website.  Don’t make them wish that they passed by your website and went onto the next. If they leave your website before even letting the page load, that will be the only impression of you in their heads.  They won’t see your graphics or content. Time effectiveness must be your first priority, as it is the first aspect your viewers will encounter.

Unclear Benefits

You’re trying to sell yourself to these potential homebuyers.  It must be clear why these individuals should be choosing you, and not the guy next door.  Just like a product for sale, you have to convince buyers that you’re the best fit for their needs by explaining what you bring to the table and what benefits you may possess.  You don’t want them to leave your website with any unanswered questions regarding who you are and what you’re willing to do for them. Implementing a rating system, such as Social Survey, is a good tactic as this can highlight good feedback you’ve received from borrowers.  As a mortgage company or a loan officer, you have a chance to sell yourself to these potential buyers.

Overall, in times where technology is growing and most communication is online, it is crucial for your website to stand out to homebuyers.  The traffic the site brings in are your potential leads. Which means the site must appeal to them from the very beginning. Whether it be the overall content, efficiency, or the face behind the screen that convinces them to reach out and choose you as their mortgage company, you have to do whatever it take to pull them in every step of the way.

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